List of Regiments and Corps - WW1

The names of the regiments can get rather confusing, and I have made the following list of the Regiments and Corps of the British Army which existed in WW1. This gives the correct titles, and shows them in the acknowledged Order of Precedence. It should help you to identify the regiment an ancestor belonged to, if you don't have the full or proper title.

The traditional Order of Precedence is roughly based upon the date each regiment was formed. Regiments can move up and down the order from time to time, so the list below should not be taken as definitive. You should also note that not all these regiments/corps listed existed for the whole war, and minor units have been omitted.

Note that some infantry regiments were known by part of their official title. For example, The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), was also referred to as the Black Watch and as the Royal Highlanders.