Listed below are current principal ranks of the British Army. Depending on the time period you are researching, some of these ranks may not have existed, or the rank may have since disappeared. To individually list and explain them all would be a long and extremely complicated task, so please treat this as a very basic guide and do not be alarmed if what you see here does not exactly fit the information you have.


Other Ranks

Miscellaneous Ranks

You may come across the following ranks or appointments, which are listed with their modern equivalents:

Brigadier General Brigadier
Cornet or Ensign Second Lieutenant
Gunner Private in the Royal Artillery
Bombardier Corporal in the Royal Artillery
Lance Bombardier Lance Corporal in the Royal Artillery
Sergeant Major Warrant Officer Class 1 or Class 2
Colour Sergeant Staff Sergeant
Serjeant The archaic spelling of Sergeant
Quartermaster Sergeant Usually a Staff Sergeant or Warrant Officer Class 2

Note that there are many ranks and appointments not listed above. Here are just a few (without explanation):