Photographic Services

If you find that your ancestors lived in Scotland, then you may wish to have a photographic record of where they lived or are buried.

A well-tended grave in Rosebank Cemetery, Edinburgh


I can visit any building or burial ground, and take a series of photographs using a high-resolution digital camera. I can then send the photographs to you on CD so that you can print them yourself, or I can make prints and send these to you. Because of the high-quality image, prints up to 12"x16" in size can be easily made.

If the stone is hard to read, I use off-camera flash techniques and digital photo manipulation software to bring out details on gravestones which would normally be missed.


Detail of another gravestone in Rosebank Cemetery


If the building is no longer in existence, then I may be able to find a contemporary photograph in a library or in my own collection of books. I can also supply maps of the area so that you can see how close the building was to local schools and churches.

Although I am based in Edinburgh, I am very willing to travel anywhere in Scotland, provided that my travel, time and other expenses are paid for.