Instructions for Payment by Credit Card or Paypal through the PayPal system

In order to make transactions easier, especially for overseas customers, I accept payment by Credit Card or PayPal. If you are a PayPal member, then you will probably have used PayPal to make payments before, and further instructions will not be needed.

However, for those of you who are new to the PayPal concept, I have prepared the following step-by-step guide so that you know what will happen.


Stage 1

If you have told me that you wish to pay by PayPal or by Credit Card, I will send you an invoice by e-mail which will give details of the total amount to be paid. The invoice will look like this:


To: [Your Email Address]
Subject: ____ Research
Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 02:46:28 -0700

Dear [Your Email Address]

Forrest Anderson ( would like to be paid through PayPal.

Money Request Details

Amount: ____ Pounds Sterling

Note: Thank you for your order. Please click on the link below in order to make your payment. Step-by-step instructions can be found on my website at _____

PayPal makes it easy to send money by email to Forrest Anderson
( from your PayPal account.

To view the details of this Money Request or to pay Forrest Anderson with PayPal, just click on the following link or copy and paste it into your web browser:


Thank you for using PayPal!

The PayPal Team


NEVER give your password to anyone and ONLY log in at Protect yourself against fraudulent
websites by checking the URL/Address bar every time you log in.


Stage 2

Click on the long link in the e-mail invoice which begins with


Stage 3

You will be taken to the following pre-payment page, where the amount for payment has automatically been inserted.


Stage 4


Stage 5

You will be taken to the following payment page where you can enter your credit card information:


Stage 5

Complete the form, following the instructions in red, and click on the "Continue" button at the bottom to make the payment.


Stage 6

Your credit card information will be processed within about 60 seconds, and I will receive an e-mail from PayPal to tell me that you have paid the invoice.



Although PayPal membership is free, it is possible that you will asked to pay a refundable $1.95 PayPal membership fee. I have no control over this fee, and I have no idea how PayPal decides whether or not to charge the fee. If charged, the fee will appear on your credit card statement, accompanied by a four-digit number. To claim a refund, log into your PayPal account and enter this number. Your PayPal account will then be credited with $1.95, and you can use it to make PayPal transactions in the future. For further details, see PayPal's user agreement, section 6.2 which says:

6.2 Completing Your PayPal Membership. Non-U.S. members (and some U.S. members) will be asked to complete their PayPal Membership before they may send any payments. Once you confirm an email address, add a credit card, and enter your Member Number, your account will have an unlimited sending limit. American Express has decided to decline PayPal credit card transactions that are funded with an American Express Corporate Card. As a result, any attempts to register or use an American Express Corporate Card will be denied. Some accounts, at PayPal's discretion, may have a higher or lower limit before completing their PayPal Membership. Some transactions, at PayPal's discretion, may not apply towards the limit. To obtain your Member Number, you must pay a $1.95 membership fee and log in to your PayPal account and enter the four-digit Member Number associated with the $1.95 charge. After you have successfully entered your Member Number, you will receive a $1.95 bonus on the next PayPal payment you send. (Note: this bonus may take up to 24 hrs to process and be reflected in your PayPal account balance.) Your membership will be complete and your sending limit lifted if and when you correctly enter your Member Number on the PayPal website. If you remove the funding source (e.g. the bank account or credit card) used to establish your membership, PayPal may require you to complete the membership process again.