Parish Maps of Scotland

The following maps have been scanned from the Second Statistical Account of Scotland (correctly called the New Statistical Account). The original maps were sometimes fold-outs in the book, and over the years they have become damaged and rather grubby. Repairs have been made with adhesive tape, and these imperfections are visible in the scans. In the case of Midlothian, the map could not be pressed completely against the scanner glass without damaging the binding of the book, and this has resulted in coloured vertical bands. The map for Peebleshire was also tightly bound, and there is a grey gap where there is some missing information. The map for Selkirkshire was not coloured, and I have added colour to the parish and county boundaries myself.

Despite these imperfections, the maps very usefully show the county and parish boundaries, as they existed at the time of publication (about 1845). Parish boundaries changed over the years as parishes were created, amalgamated, split and re-aligned. More details about the history of the three Statistical Accounts of Scotland, and scanned images of the pages of the First and Second Accounts are available from the University of Edinburgh's website. The National Library of Scotland's Map Collection is also worth looking at, and contains many town plans and county maps. However they are rather laborious to view, unlike the maps below, which can be downloaded in a few mouse clicks.

The maps are in three sizes - Thumbnail, Small and Large. The Thumbnail version is shown below, and is of no practical use, but will allow you to choose one of the other two sizes. The Small version is 750 pixels wide/high, and about 150KB in size, and the Large version is 3000 pixels wide/high, and from 1 to 2MB in size. Downloading the Large versions may take quite a long time, depending on the speed of your modem, but this version gives the most detail.


East Lothian
Small Version Large Version
Small Version Large Version
West Lothian
Small Version Large Version
Selkirkshire Small Version Large Version
Peebleshire Small Version Large Version
Roxburghshire Small Version Large Version
Dumbartonshire Small Version Large Version
Perthshire and Clackmannanshire Small Version Large Version
Stirlingshire Small Version Large Version