Searching the Online Version of the London Gazette - Tips and Tricks (Continued)

Note - This is one of a series of pages on how to search the On-Line London Gazette. It is highly recommended that you start at the index to the series and work through the lessons in the correct order.

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Hyphens, which split a word onto two lines or separate a double-barrelled name, can cause problems when searching the On-Line London Gazette. For an example, look at this entry from Gazette Issue 29001 published on the 8 December 1914, page 19 of 36 (right-hand column, three-quarters of the way down the page):

In plain text, this translates as:
The Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
9th Battalion—
Temporary Second Lieutenant G. Heffer-
man to be temporary Lieutenant. Dated
19th November, 1914.

If you search on hefferman (note that the officer's name should be "HefferNan", but the original printed London Gazette has spelt it incorrectly), you'll get 15 editions, but there is no edition for 8th December 1914.

However, if you search for heffer-man, you'll get 16 editions, and the 16th will be the one we are wanting. Note that it doesn't mean that the other 15 are also written as "heffer-man".

Alternatively, if you use the wild-card character mentioned previously, and search for heffer*, you'll get 108 editions, and one of these will be the one we are wanting. The large number of editions is because it finds all occurrences of words beginning with "heffer".

If you want to be exhaustive with a search, try inserting a hyphen into the word you are searching for, or try typing the first few letters of the name followed by *.

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