Biography of Lieutenant General H G Hart

For those interested in Lieutenant General Hart's family, he belonged to the old Dorsetshire family of Hart of Netherbury. His father, Lieutenant Colonel William Hart, was also in the Army, and died in 1848. Henry George Hart was the third son, and was born on 7 Sep 1808. He was appointed ensign in the 49th Regiment of Foot on 1 April 1829, and then progressed as follows: Lieutenant on 19 July 1832, Captain on 1 Dec 1842, Major on 15 Dec 1848, Lieutenant Colonel, 30 May 1856, Colonel 27 Dec 1860, Major General on 6 March 1868, and finally Lieutenant General on 4 Dec 1877.

In 1833 he married Alicia, daughter of the Rev Holt Okes, and they had several children. Three of their sons joined the Army when they grew up - General A Fitzroy Hart, Colonel Reginald Clare Hart VC, and Major Horatio Hart.

Lieutenant General Henry George Hart died at Biarritz on 24 March 1878.


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